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Preventing Holiday Cooking Fires

6/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Preventing Holiday Cooking Fires In Wright County, mold can spread through a home in as little as 48 hours.

It’s that time of year again when we start getting creative in the kitchen, cooking up mouthwatering dishes for all your friends and family. It’s also the time of year when kitchen fires happen the most for Richland Hills, TX

Per Greene Publishing, INC. about 3,500 Americans die each year in fires and about 18,300 are injured. Many of them might be alive today if they had only learned what to do if there is a fire.

Below are a few tips on what you can do to prevent fires from happening or spreading.

  1. Never leave cooking food unattended. Unattended cooking fires occur when a person starts cooking food on the stove and then leaves the kitchen and does not pay attention to the food. A fire can occur quickly when food is left unattended. Watch what you heat: When frying, grilling or broiling and stay in the kitchen while the food is cooking. Turn off the stove if leaving the kitchen, even for a short time.
  2. Always keep anything that can catch fire away from the stove or appliances. When cooking try to wear clothing with sleeves that are short, close fitting or tightly rolled up. For clothing fires remember: STOP, DROP AND ROLL.
  3. Always know what to do if you have a cooking fire: When in doubt, get out of the residence and close the door to contain the fire. Call 9-1-1 or the local emergency number after leaving the house or apartment. Keep oven mitt and lid that fits the pan nearby. NEVER USE WATER ON A GREASE FIRE! Wear an oven mitt and smother the fire by carefully sliding the lid over the pan. Turn off the burner and do not move the pan.
  4. Always keep kids away from cooking area: Create a “kid-free zone” of three feet from the stove or appliance.
  5. Place objects so they cannot be pulled or knocked over. Turn pot handles away from the stove’s edge. Open microwaved food slowly, away from the face to avoid scald burns.
  6. Make sure that you have working fire alarms: Prevent nuisance alarms during cooking by not installing smoke alarms in the kitchen. Do not disable your smoke alarm or take out the batteries.

Following the tips listed above can help prevent a kitchen fire or trip to the emergency!

About SERVPRO of North Richland Hills

SERVPRO of North Richland Hills specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a fire or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Call SERVPRO of North Richland Hills at 817-589-1499. 

Tips on Preventing a Residential or Commercial Fire

6/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Tips on Preventing a Residential or Commercial Fire House in Richland Hills, TX has fire damage.

SERVPRO of North Richland Hills knows that coming home to a house fire isn’t any one’s idea of a good time. A fire can destroy your home or business in a matter of minutes. Everything inside your home can go up in smoke in a blink of an eye. Most fires occur with little to no warning, but they can be prevented if you follow some of these small fire safety prevention tips.

Don’t Use Damaged Power Cords

Always check your power and extension cords for any damages, worn out ends, exposed or fraying lines. Damaged cords will most likely cause an electric shock and if the cord is worn out, the heat it generates can lead to a fire with direct contact to any flammable material. Avoid a potential fire damage by replacing damaged or worn cords.

Turn Off Your Appliances

If you plan on leaving your home for any amount of time, make sure you turn off any electrical appliances. It only takes one malfunction while you’re away to quickly turn into a disastrous house fire. 

Clean Out That Dryer Lint Trap

Believe it or not, leaving the link to buildup in your dryer’s lint trap can lead to a house fire. Cleaning lint out of your dryer’s lint trap only takes a few seconds and can greatly reduce the risk of a house fire. You should also consider checking your dryer hose for any lint or debris buildup.

Never Leave Lit Candles Unattended

Many people will light candles in their home for numerous reasons, but it is very important that you don’t forget that you have a candle burning. A single candle can cause major fire damage if it is knocked over or placed too close to flammable material. When lighting candles make sure you place them in secure holders far away from anything that can catch on fire. Always blow your candles out before leaving the room or your home.

Following these 4 simple tips can help minimize the risk of a fire but if a fire loss does occur SERVPRO of North Richland Hills is ready to help 24/7/365! Call 817-589-1499

What Do Your Noisy Pipes Mean?

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What Do Your Noisy Pipes Mean? Paying attention to what your plumbing tells you can reduce the chance of needing to call in professionals to fix a broken pipe later down the line.

Noisy pipes can be startling and headache-inducing in and of themselves, but rattling pipes might also be a sign of a problem with your plumbing. Different noises may indicate different issues. It’s best to seek help in Richland Hills, TX, and get the matter addressed to make sure a minor annoyance doesn’t build up and result in a pipe break. There are a few common noises:

? Whistling
? Banging
? Clanging

Blockage in Pipes

A whistling noise is common in blocked pipes. Blockages are more benign when occurring at faucets, valves and shower heads. Tightening valves, pipe maintenance, and cleaning showerheads can often fix these. A clogged pipe is more serious, however, because the extra pressure is hard on the plumbing and can lead to a pipe break. Professional plumbers are the best solution for blockages in your pipes.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure often comes with a banging or hammering noise. If the noise persists while the water is off, it’s likely being caused by high water pressure. Similar noises may also result from trapped air, which can be resolved by draining pipes to get rid of those air pockets. Water pressure, on the other hand, can result in leaking due to loose pipe connections. If damage from high water pressure goes unaddressed, it can make a pipe burst.

Water Speed Changes

Water speed changes are likely the cause if there is a clanging noise whenever a faucet or shower is shut off. The clanging noise comes from the pipe vibrating at the change in the water’s speed. The change in momentum can be normal but on rare occasions can cause pipe connections to loosen or leak. Anti-hammer devices can help with this problem.

Paying attention to what your plumbing tells you can reduce the chance of needing to call in professionals to fix a broken pipe later down the line. The inconvenience of a pipe break can be avoided in many cases simply by doing regular maintenance. For more information, visit

Category 1 Water Will Not Remain Clean

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Category 1 Water Will Not Remain Clean To additionally evaluate secondary water damage, it’s worth considering a professional water damage restoration crew.

Water damage that comes from natural weather or any sanitary supply line is considered to be Category 1. While the water is from an uncontaminated source, it is still worth concern. Clean water threatens damage to commercial property. Understanding what it is, helps mitigate its severity.

Sources of Category 1 Water

Category 1 classification is for water that has a very low risk of starting out contaminated. It’s considered clean because it is either treated before use or naturally occurring. It can be from various sources:

• Broken pipe
• Defective faucet, toilet or sink
• Rainwater
• Melted snow
• Sprinkler system
• Overflowing commercial containers of sterile water

Categories of Water

Water is broken into categories depending on how dangerous cleanup will be. There are three different categories depending on severity. Category 2 and above pose an additional danger to health since those types contain harmful microorganisms. Category 1 is safe for people to be around but can damage the building if untreated.

Damage Caused by Category 1

While the water will not absorb or evaporate to heavily damage property, there are dangers of the damage escalating. As the water picks up contaminates from its surroundings, it can become more unhealthy and dangerous for everything to be around in as little as a day. If an odor that isn’t like tap water is in the air, the area probably has become contaminated and should be avoided until treated.

Valuable electronics and carpet can become damaged if not removed from the water. Precaution should be taken to ensure all movables are relocated somewhere dry and electronics remain nowhere near the water.

Treatment of the Damage

Clean water needs a cleanup. If desired, the affected property can be dried and carpeting can be cleaned by business owners or employees. To additionally evaluate secondary water damage, it’s worth considering a professional water damage restoration crew for your company in Richland Hills, TX. Making sure the damage has no larger implications can save money in the future. For more information, visit

Know How To Protect Your Office From Flood Damage

6/14/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Know How To Protect Your Office From Flood Damage In North Richland Hills, TX, damage from flooding can be prevented.

Take back control of your office space and know how to prevent flooding that can result from storms and improper maintenance of the building. Here are three areas to focus your energy on to make sure your company is protected and prepared.

1. Seal the Roof and Windows

Regularly checking the condition of the roof and windows can go a long way in protecting your building against water damage due to rainwater leaking in. Using proper sealants and checking for loose shingles will help prevent flood damage.

Similarly, ensure that doors and windows seal properly to prevent damage from stagnant water sources after a storm. Improper maintenance can result in black water accumulating in the office space, which is unsanitary. These routine maintenance checks are a small price to pay for peace of mind during the rainy season.

2. Protect HVAC Systems

Each HVAC system is different, but all can be damaged by flooding from storms. Ensuring the roofing is sturdy can help protect the ductwork for your HVAC system, as roof leaks can become pipe and ductwork leaks. Also, placing outdoor HVAC units in an area that is on higher ground can be a smart choice. Even though outdoor units are designed to withstand the elements, rain or shine, extensive flood damage can destroy the internal electrical wiring.

3. Maintain the Plumbing

Ensuring proper maintenance is done on the building’s plumbing can save you a headache later on. Periodic checks and regular upkeep, particularly when your building uses a septic tank, is vital for preventing black water damage. That level of water damage can require a more thorough cleanup as the water has become unsanitary and is full of harmful bacteria that can be a danger even after the water is gone.

In North Richland Hills, TX, damage from flooding can be prevented, but if your commercial property ever suffers harm from floods, be sure to contact restoration professionals to make your space like new. For more information, visit

Support the Red Cross

6/1/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Support the Red Cross Helping the Red Cross

Many people often ask why they should support the Red Cross so the Red Cross has put together a list:

1. In the event of a house fire, damaging storm, or other disaster, the American Red Cross Disaster Response Unit is there!

2. The Red Cross feeds emergency workers during a disaster. They know how important it is to keep the volunteers taken care of as well.

3. The Red Cross provides CPR and First Aid Training for individuals and businesses.

4. We support the American Red Cross because they provide blood and blood products to disaster victims.

5. The American Red Cross helps folks communicate. During a disaster, they receive thousands of inquiries from concerned family members outside disaster areas. Then, they connect folks in the disaster zone to available communication resources. In addition, the Red Cross provides a special emergency communication program for senior citizens or people with special needs. It’s called the Lifeline Personal Response Service.    

6. Their assistance with communications doesn’t end there. The American Red Cross world-wide communication services help keep military personnel in touch with their families. Following the death or serious illness of a family member or other important events, like the birth of a child, the Red Cross keeps people connected. 

7. The Red Cross works with the military aid societies. Together they provide financial assistance for emergency travel. They also provide assistance that can’t wait until the next business day. Sometimes it’s food, temporary lodging, or urgent medical needs. Sometimes, it’s help in the form of financial assistance to avoid eviction and utility shut off.

8. The American Red Cross offers confidential counseling services to all military personnel and their families.This includes all active duty service men and women as well as the members of the National Guard and Reserves and veterans!

9. The Red Cross offers Pet aid in the event of disasters. In addition, they also provide information on how to keep your pet safe during a disaster. But more than that, they provide education for pet owners, showing them how to prepare in advance.

10. The American Red Cross provides education, information, and training for Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for individuals and businesses. 

For more information go to

How To Prevent Mold in Your Swamp Cooler

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

You’ll never guess how swamp coolers got their name – and it’s not because they’re more effective in swampy areas. In fact, swamp coolers work less effectively in swampy areas. There are many running theories about how these alternatives to air conditioning came to be known as “swamp coolers,” but the chief theory is that the name comes from the swampy smell that rises when you have a leaking swamp cooler or don’t clean your swamp cooler well enough. And of course, that swampy smell rises from our number one enemy in Richland Hills, TX: mold.

Keeping Mold Out of Your Swamp Cooer

Because swamp coolers use water and convection to cool the air, they’re very vulnerable to mold infestations. If the standing water inside a swamp cooler begins to stagnate, the cooler begins to leak, or condensation begins to form on the outside because of temperature differentials, you may find your swamp cooler crawling with mold. To keep it clear:

1. Immediately inspect a leaking water cooler. Puddles forming underneath can prompt mold growth. If your leaking water cooler is beyond salvation, you may need to replace it.
2. Periodically empty and change the water in your swamp cooler. Fresh water is less likely to prompt mold growth than dirty or stagnant water.
3. Wipe the condensation from the outside of the cooler. This is particularly important in humid environments, and can also make sure your swamp cooler functions at max efficiency.
4. Frequently clean and dry out your swamp cooler. Dirt and grime mixed with water? Are a perfect recipe for mold. Meticulously clean your swamp cooler on a regular basis. This can mean fully emptying it and letting it dry out, and wiping it down thoroughly inside and out. You may even have to disassemble it to expose damp interior parts to the sun and open air, but anything is better than letting your swamp cooler live up to its “swampy” name. For more information, visit

What To Do After a Fire

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What To Do After a Fire The process of getting your home and life back to normal can be difficult and painful.

A house fire is a devastating event. The steps that follow in the aftermath may seem like a formidable undertaking, but having this list of what do, along with the help of a fire restoration service, can help.

1. Call your insurance company immediately. Its representatives can guide you through your options based on your fire insurance coverage and give you detailed instructions about what you need to do in your particular situation. They can also help you begin the process of filing a claim – an essential step, since everything that happens next comes with a price tag.
2. Use caution. Once you’ve been given permission by the authorities to enter your home, be aware of any risks to your safety. There could be exposed wires, wet floors and compromised structures such as flooring or roof damage. Limit movement in the house, as you can cause further damage by tracking soot and water to other areas. Additionally, your health could be at risk from exposure to soot particles and toxic materials via skin, ingestion and inhalation. Restoration specialists have the experience and tools to properly deal with these hazardous conditions.
3. Secure your property. Broken windows or doors are likely after a fire. A professional fire restoration service can board these up to minimize further damage from weather, vandalism or theft. If your roof is damaged, the service may also provide tarps for protection from the elements. Smoke cleaning services, as well as water damage restoration, are valuable services generally offered.
4. Make important calls. Besides your insurance company, your landlord or mortgage company, as well as any utility providers, will need to be contacted. Inform the police that your house will be vacant. Your employer and your children’s school should be notified. You may also contact a local charitable organization for help with immediate needs, such as a place to stay, clothing and other items.

The process of getting your home and life back to normal can be difficult and painful. Thankfully, with the help of a professional fire restoration service in North Richland Hills, TX, you can be confident that your home can often be restored to its original condition. For more information, visit

Hidden and Harmful: Electronic Fire Damage

5/8/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Hidden and Harmful: Electronic Fire Damage Relying on computer cleanup professionals in Richland Hills, TX, to assess and recommend solutions makes the ordeal less taxing.

When a fire ravages your commercial property in Richland Hills, TX, and no one is harmed, you breathe a sigh of relief. However, the loss of records and files stored on your electronic equipment can be devastating, especially if the data was not saved. Even if all the computers and peripherals appear unscathed during computer cleanup, extensive and invisible damage to the inside is quite common.

Common Culprits

Before anyone turns on any electronics after the fire, have a professional examine all the equipment for smoke and soot damage. The three most common perils include:

• Magnetic Charge. Although it’s not common knowledge, smoke carries a magnetic charge that can short out electronic circuits and potentially start an electrical fire.

• Acidity from Soot. Soot is more than just unsightly; its acid content is extremely high and destructive. When it reaches the inside of electronics, soot may cause premature degradation and significantly reduce the normal lifespan of equipment.

• Black Film. Another unseen enemy is the layer of black film smoke often leaves on the inside of equipment. This black coating insulates components, increasing the chance of overheating and an electrical fire. Overheating can also shorten the lifespan of equipment.

Fixing the Problems

First and foremost, hire a professional who specializes in electronic restoration. It’s acceptable for an in-house IT pro to remove any storage or memory—typically stored on hard drives—and transfer the information to a cloud or clean computer that was not in the fire. After that, only an electronics restoration specialist should address the damage and attempt to salvage the equipment. Be aware that merely turning on a computer that’s been in a fire could quickly result in a short circuit and an electrical fire, or other damage.

Important Paperwork

While the restoration specialist is cleaning your equipment, locate warranty and insurance information on the damaged goods. Fire damage is often covered by warranties, and commercial fire insurance policies may also include coverage on electronics. Contact manufacturers and your insurance agents with relevant questions.

Recovering from a fire is stressful, especially when your important electronic data is at stake. Relying on computer cleanup professionals in Richland Hills, TX, to assess and recommend solutions makes the ordeal less taxing. For more information, visit

Bio Cleanup in Fort Worth, Tx

4/26/2018 (Permalink)

Biohazard Bio Cleanup in Fort Worth, Tx Bio cleanup, Fort Worth Texas

SERVPRO professionals remove and dispose of bodily fluids, tissue, and other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from accident, trauma, crime, or death. Trained professionals of SERVPRO of North Richland Hills thoroughly clean, disinfect, and deodorize the structure.