Air Ducts and HVAC Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Fort Worth

Poor air quality may cause a series of issues, the most common being poor air quality.  The dust, pollen, pet dander, and other odor-causing contaminants often settle into air vents and end up circulating around your property.  

We recommend:

  • Average households should have their air ducts cleaned at least once every three years. 
  • Households with smokers or multiple pets may consider have their air ducts cleaned more often. 

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Smoke and Soot in Air Ducts

Your air duct and HVAC system should always be inspected during fire damage restoration.  It’s very common for the smoke to enter air ducts and have soot settle inside.  

When your property has experienced a fire, we will turn off the HVAC (air conditioning) system until the air ducts have been examined.  

In many cases, air duct cleaning is needed before the system can be turned back on. 

Mold in Air Ducts

Another scenario where air duct and HVAC cleaning is necessary is during mold remediation when growth is inside the ducts.  In this case, we will turn off your system until the growth is removed.  Depending on the size of the growth, the air duct mold removal process usually takes less than a day. 

The Benefits of Air Duct and HVAC Cleanup

However, duct cleaning is not always necessary. We will make recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This can save you money and provide peace of mind on the health of your system.

The benefits of servicing your HVAC unit include:

  • Helps to restore peak energy efficiency.
  • May help to eliminate offensive odors.
  • Helps reduce the potential for mold growth.

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