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Mold Removal Fort Worth - Mold Remediation Services

8/12/2020 (Permalink)

mold around window If you find or suspect mold on your property, call the Fort Worth mold remediation experts at SERVPRO.

How would you describe mold? Perhaps dark and patchy? “Black mold” (Stachybotrys) is a common species of mold growth. While black mold is predominant and easy to spot, there are other kinds of toxic mold found in both light and dark shades.

When maintaining a property that is prone to wetness exposure, it’s important to remember that damp conditions are a prime spot for mold growth. In such situations where mold growth is more likely to occur, you’ll need to keep an eye out for it because mold is unhealthy and damaging.

Mold likes to colonize in dark, forgotten-about areas with little ventilation, but you might also find it in areas out in the open (such as a building exterior).

Mold remediation is necessary to maintain a healthy environment and prevent further mold contamination for properties throughout the community. 

You shouldn’t have to live with mold. Our Fort Worth mold remediation experts at SERVPRO offer a full range of services to help you deal with your mold problem. We’ll identify the kinds of mold that are present, pinpoint the cause(s), and then apply the most effective solutions.

What is Mold Remediation?

When solving mold problems, SERVPRO applies mold remediation rather than mold removal in Fort Worth. We do remove mold contamination, but remediation does more than that.

We should also note that because mold spores exist as part of the natural environment, complete mold removal isn’t possible. It’s always present, but proactive measures prevent spores from taking root and colonizing. 

Mold remediation is the removal of toxic mold growth followed by restoration of the affected area. At SERVPRO in Fort Worth, we are the mold remediation experts!

The SERVPRO Mold Restoration Process

Our goal is to remove any and all contamination to restore the property back to its preloss condition. We consistently apply methods to ensure that each job is completed thoroughly. Here’s what you can expect with a complete restoration.

Step 1: Make Contact with Your Local SERVPRO

Our agents at SERVPRO in Fort Worth are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to answer your call. During the intake process, we gather information about your circumstances to determine what all is needed for your situation. This ensures that we send out the appropriate team members, equipment, and resources.

Step 2: Mold Damage Assessment and Inspection

SERVPRO’s team of mold experts thoroughly inspects the property for signs of mold. We know where mold likes to hide and what species of toxic mold to search for. We use special tools and mold testing technology to find hidden water sources and detect traces of mold.

Step 3: Prevent Further Spread of Mold

Once we’ve determined where the mold growth is happening, we take measures to keep the mold spores from spreading during the cleaning process. 

Measures may include:

  • Isolating the contaminated area with physical barriers and negative air pressure.
  • Shutting off fans and HVAC systems.

Step 4: Air Filtration

Our Fort Worth SERVPRO location not only removes mold from visibly contaminated areas but we also work to remove invisible spores.

Our team of professionals uses filtration equipment, HEPA vacuums, and air scrubbers to collect mold spores from the air. This step in the mold remediation process prevents more mold growth.

Step 5: Removing Mold and Mold-Infested Materials

Perhaps the most important step of mold remediation is removing mold-infested materials. We remove and dispose of contaminated porous materials such as carpet and drywall when they cannot be restored. We eliminate mold colonies and prevent new ones from forming by using professional-grade antifungal and antimicrobial treatments.

Step 6: Cleaning Contents and Belongings

The SERVPRO team takes special care of your clothing, drapes, furniture, and other possessions touched by mold. We work to clean and sanitize these items to restore them back to preloss condition. 

Our goal is to make it "Like it never even happened," so we use fogging equipment to eliminate any odors mold might leave behind.

Step 7: Restoration

In some cases, contaminated materials cannot be recovered and have to be disposed of. SERVPRO replaces such items as drywall, carpet, subflooring, etc. along with painting the surfaces.

Sometimes the damage is extensive and entails a reconstruction of the area. Be it a small touch up or a big repair, we’re prepared to do what it takes to bring the property back to its original state. We make it "Like it never even happened."

Do I Need a Mold Specialist?

With so many mold products on the shelf at the store, you might think that mold removal is DIY. For minor and infrequent mold growth, this is fine.

In the case of extensive mold growth or a mold problem that seems to come back frequently, this is a matter best handled by the mold experts at SERVPRO. 

The bigger the mold growth, the more likely it is that there is more mold lurking in hidden areas and within the air. Our staff is trained to identify various species of toxic mold and use professional equipment to rid your space of toxic mold. 

Extensive growth of mold or an ongoing mold problem is likely to continue to infect your property if you don’t find the root cause(s). Our mold experts will figure out why toxic mold is growing in your space so that you can prevent a relapse in the future.

Commercial and Household Mold Remediation Services

Commercial and residential properties have different needs but they should both be mold-free. Our services tend to the particular needs of both residential and commercial mold removal

Having work done on your home can be rather inconvenient. Our residential service goal is to have the process completed as quickly as possible so there will be minimal disruption to your daily life.

For commercial cleaning, we have the utmost consideration of your operations in mind. Our 24/7 operations allow us to work on the mold issue when customers and employees aren’t around. 

We’re highly experienced in mold remediation for both residential and commercial properties.

Contact SERVPRO Today for Professional Fort Worth Mold Removal

Let the mold experts at SERVPRO of North Richland Hills tackle your mold problem. When our professional cleaning crew comes out to your property, we take care of it so you don’t have to come in contact with toxic mold.

We’ll identify the types of mold present in the space, determine the contributing factors to the mold growth, and apply the best solutions to the problem including restoration.

Don’t live with mold another day! Call SERVPRO of North Richland Hills today at (817) 589-1499 or fill out our convenient contact form.

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