Fire Damage Photo Gallery

burnt clothing iron

Fire Damage from Kitchen Appliances

If your kitchen appliances have ever caused a fire, you know the devastation and chaos that can ensue. But don't worry - SERVPRO of North Richland Hills is here to help! Our Fort Worth Fire Damage Restoration specializes in fire damage cleanup and restoration, and we'll work diligently to get your home back to its original condition. We can make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Give us a call today, and let us show you why we're the best in the business!

Stairwell Damaged by Fire in Fort Worth Home

Stairwell Damaged by Fire in Fort Worth Home

This burnt staircase demonstrates what some may go through after a home or building is destroyed by fire. How do you take steps to move forward when so much damage surrounds you? For over 30 years, Fort Worth property owners have called SERVPRO as their first step in fire damage repair and restoration to secure reliable service. We make it efficient to make it "Like it never even happened," so you can get back to life as usual sooner than later. Call us!

fire damaged ceiling

Electrical Short Causes Fire Damage in Fort Worth

A fault in the electrical line caused major fire damage in a Fort Worth home.  After the fire department has cleared the scene, our fire damage experts are called in to help.  Our first step is to secure the property so no further damage, and then we work quickly with our client’s insurance adjuster to agree on a restoration plan.  In this case, the plan involved removing and replacing the damaged ceiling and then cleaning and removing the smoke odor from all other affected areas.

extensive fire damaged in a home

Fire Damage in Fort Worth, Texas Home

A large fire fully impacted a Fort Worth resident’s home.  Extensive fire damage is best handled by fire damage cleanup professionals due to the complexity and hazardous conditions of the restoration process.  In this situation, all restorable belongings were moved, sanitized, and returned to the homeowner while the home received demolition, cleanup, and reconstruction services.

Soot Damaged Contents in Fort Worth

When a fire takes over your home, all of your precious belongings are affected whether they are touched by the fire or not. Our contents team is trained to restore all of your precious items and the memories that they hold.

Smoke Alarm Safety

In larger commercial facilities, hard wired or wireless smoke alarms offer benefits such as not needing to be tested as often and activating throughout the entire building if smoke is detected in just one area.

If you need help installing, testing or changing batteries in your smoke alarms, contact your local fire department, an electrician or the American Red Cross. 

Residential Fire in North Richland Hills, Texas

The above picture was the result of a kitchen fire. The microwave oven had a electrical malfunction starting a fire that quickly spread throughout the whole kitchen. The kitchen was damaged and the home was covered in smoke and soot. Our trained SERVPRO OF North Richland Hills technicians arrived on the scene and went to work. We make disasters look  "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of North Richland Hills Newest Van

SERVPRO of North Richland Hills is ready to get our certified fire crew to any fire damage in our beautiful green new SERVPRO fire van! Now we are loaded and ready to go!