Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage Repairs

Repairs from Storm Damage

High winds can tear off shingles. Flying debris can put holes in the roof or shatter windows and skylights. When a storm hits, you might end up with both water damage and damage from high winds and flying debris. At SERVPRO North Richland Hills, we offer 24/7 assistance in the event of a storm. We’ll repair storm damage and mitigate water damage often seen in the aftermath of a severe storm. 

Storm Debris Cleanup

Reliable, Fast Storm Debris Cleanup

Storms leave behind a lot of debris. We don’t just pick up twigs and sticks. We’ll also remove downed trees and other large pieces of debris that can impede your ability to enter your home or run commercial operations. If your Dallas-area property is covered in debris from a storm, we offer 24/7, fast and reliable assistance at SERVPRO North Richland Hills.

tarp on a damaged roof

Tarping a Damaged Roof in Fort Worth

With SERVPRO’s Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration or Fire Restoration in Fort Worth, one of the very first tasks is to either tarp or board-up the structure. This step is crucial to prevent further damage to exposed walls and roofing. 

When your property is exposed to the elements due to storm or fire damage, call SERVPRO right away so we may protect your property from secondary damage.

broken window and blinds

Storm Damage Repair in Fort Worth

A storm can involve wind damage, hail damage, or even falling debris.  Regardless of the cause of the storm damage to your property, we are ready to help.  This Fort Worth homeowner needed an emergency board-up after debris broke his window.  Board-ups are temporary fixes to help secure a property while the insurance company inspects the damage and processes the claim.  We’re always prepared to respond to storm damage cleanup in Fort Worth, Texas.  Call us anytime.

Dallas Tornado Storm Damage

The tornado that ran through North Dallas a few months ago left quite a path of destruction behind. This home had water trapped in the ceiling. Our team set up the equipment to catch remaining water as well as to dry out the area around where the damage had occurred. Our teams were the first restoration company able to be on site, so work began immediately following the tornado.

High Winds During a Storm Cause Tree to Fall on House

High winds followed by rain caused a disaster for the owner of this residence. Our SERVPRO of North Richland Hills team arrived quickly, accessed the storm damage and went straight to work on extracting water and drying out the affected areas!

SERVPRO Box Truck Ready for Storm!

No matter what type of storm hits, our SERVPRO of North Richland Hills trucks are stocked up with supplies and equipment and ready to go! For more information check out our website at

Basement Flooding Due to Heavy Rain Storms

The basement of this home was flooded by heavy storm rains. SERVPRO of North Richland Hills worked quickly extracting water and placing equipment to prevent further damage leaving the homeowner very pleased.

SERVPRO of North Richland Hills Is Always Ready To Go!

SERVPRO of North Richland Hills is always fueled and ready to go during any storm job! Our SERVPRO fleet include trucks, box trucks, cars and vans as seen in the photo!